In an effort to wrap up the creative process that led me here today, this piece may be heavy. So, if you may… allow me to take you on a trip destined to Purpose, Planning and Perseverance. You don’t know where that is? Come.


[the reason for which something is created or for why it exists]

Planet earth houses a roster of 7,700,000,000 plus names. Each one of those names have a role to play on this earth, a mission, a purpose to full, something to live and stand by and while many people spend their whole lives soul searching, trying to nd that purpose, I’m thankful that I at least have a glimpse of what my purpose entails. At this moment in time I trust that my calling lies in the custody of two I’s – IMPACT and INSPIRE and I long to adopt the qualities behind these two words on mi creative journey with hopes that mi creative work leads to the makings of evocative content that will inuence onlookers.

[Trust me when I say I misspelt mi twice on purpose]
Getting to this point of certainty was denitely a journey full of detours and red lights.

What originally started off as a drive to pursue comedy was one that took a heavy turn towards an ambition to become a radio personnel. The switch between comedy and radio were one of many and it was very evident that within the later stages of 2017 and early stages of 2018 I was struggling to dip my toes in to a craft that I will deem a viable career for the future.

It came to a point where I had to listen to the voices outside of my own and so I turned to my family for guidance more specically the ones that are working within a creative industry. To be even more specic I spoke to my sister Nathalie and cousin Michael Salami (them ones there when you call each other cousins but your families are really close) on how I can break into the creative industry. Michael is working in an acting career that has afforded him many great opportunities having worked with the BBC and recently starring as Shane Sweeny in Hollyoaks – big moves for sure.

Let’s see what he has to say.


[the process of detailing future actions before actively doing it]

They say there’s never a hit like the one you don’t see coming and boy did this one catch me by storm – literally. My levels of optimism showed no signs of peaking, the developments and anticipation to make my debut within the creative world was growing by the day – I was anxious for all the right reasons, but then out of nowhere this storm appeared in the most ‘bizarrest’ of ways and it transcended into a form of anxiety that streamed in to a series of irrational fears, some that I still deal with today. Now that I am anxious for all the wrong reasons, my journey to nd purpose was hit with a diversion and I know we’ve all experienced a time where our trips were interrupted by a diversion but regardless of this little obstruction we still intend to reach our original destination, but for me this diversion was a diversion that intended to take me to a new destination.

Let me explain – you see what went wrong was, I did not validate these plans with the man above that is GOD, I was just going off my own desires, but he sent me a test, a test full of questions that needed some answers, but to get these answers you have to do some serious working out. Although it took time, I started to subtract all the BS from my life and from then on, I started to add my seeds to the soil, planting them ready to blossom and multiply into different ideas and plans. [*Clicks Fingers* Don’t Let That One Fly Over Your Head]

Excuse my French but, I refer to those seeds as the “what the f*** was I put on this earth for seeds.”

Now check this quickly... sometimes we are so ready for the next that we negate the now, but we need to understand that sometimes our misfortunes are of the same areas where we nd our fortunes. Overcoming adversity should never in be in vain, we must stay educated throughout our diculties so that we can rise and learn from them. The willingness to learn whilst in the midst of hardship will help you to grow and this process stimulates the hardening of your armour and the sharpening of your tools making you war ready to combat future trials.

As God put me in check, I was undergoing my own bit of soul searching and I discovered that the bases of my destiny stood under the same spirit which is to be a person that evokes thought in everything he creates. But it was just a question of how and where I will be showcasing this. The ability to freeze time in a microwaved age where all things are processed quickly is a superpower I want to attain. I refer to the times we live in today as the ‘Gimme Gimme’ era and it takes somewhat of a person to harness the ability to make people stop, watch and think.

I believe I am very capable of being that person and so I started to plan accordingly to create a personal platform that is shadowed by anthem to ‘DiG BENEATH THE SURFACE’ where I relish the opportunity to create original and versatile content that will pass through time.


[the persistence in doing something despite the diculty or delay in achieving success]

What started off as an idea in my head eventually became a tangible reality, the same couch that hosted my misery became my creative fortress.

KONKRETE JOURNAL was the rst name I came up with for my platform and after many variations I stuck with the name of DiGGA DiARY.

I always knew that I wanted to illustrate the promo of DiGGA DiARY using images of me residing in the estate I grew up on. I actively sought out for a photographer assembling a 40+ dossier in the process to then narrow it down to one talented photographer who goes by name of Nathalie Cheong. We then linked up for what will be my rst ever photoshoot and I won’t lie for my rst shoot I can tell my joints were lacking some synovial uid because I was moving mad stiff – BUT WE MOVE!

The New Kid on The Block photoshoot came in clutch – it was a catalyst for change and was something that initiated my creative process helping me practice the works of writing, lming, editing and graphics all in all helping me to create the branding and aesthetics you see across DiGGA DiARY today.

Regression tests your humility, regression tests your endurance and although I say there is an opportunity in every obstacle, sometimes it may be hard to see the opening in the dark but you just got to try your best to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. You must lead by vision and not by sight. Sight only displays what’s currently in front of you and sometimes they are of things that we do not want to see but vision – Vision allows you to see beyond your current situation and circumstances.

That’s all for now, I apologise for showing bad manners, I didn’t even introduce myself.

I go by the name of Mark Omotobora, aged 19, born and raised in East London of Nigerian origin and I am... The New Kid On The Block,
Oh... and shout out Mumzy as well.